Monday, May 18, 2009

Incentive Bucket

I had fun making this little bucket for my Stampin' Up! incentives. It was super easy. I got the bucket from Roberts. It was $3.99, but cheaper with a coupon.

The can already came in white, so I adhered 5 Stampin' Up! vinyl flowers to the middle of the can. The spacing doesn't have to be perfect. I know mine isn't.

Then I randomly cut 3"-5" pieces of ribbon, depending on the width (3" for skinny ribbon, up to 5" for the fattest ribbon). Start tying the pieces onto the handle. You do not need to double-knot the ribbon because it will hold once you get a bunch of ribbon on it and scrunch it together. It took a lot more pieces than I thought and took about 35 minutes to tie them all on. Again, super easy but does take a little time. I added a little shredded paper fill the bottom of the bucket, added my incentives and...

Voila! The finished product. I'm super excited about how cute and how easy it was. This would make a great, cheap gift if I switched out my incentives for something appropriate for the occasion. The only cost out of pocket at the moment was the tin. I used ribbon I already had and I had the shredded paper. If you don't have shredded paper, use paper you have on hand, a paper crinkler, then slice the paper into strips and crumple it up. It only takes a couple of minutes and looks fabulous!

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