Tuesday, May 5, 2009

From Scrapbook Pages to Cards

I have two new ladies in my club this year that prefer to make cards. I only found this out shortly before our club last month and I decided to expand the options at my club. I will use the items in their kit for club to create 4 cards instead of the 2- 12 x 12 pages. There will be supplies left over that they are free to create with at home. Here is what I came up with for my May club.

12 x 12 spread

The 4 cards (Sorry the pics aren't that great.):

I cut one of the 12 x 12 papers into thirds (4" wide strips, the folded and cut as needed)

I cut one 6"x 6" piece out of the remainding 12 x 12 paper and folded in half to make a 3" x 6" card. This gives enough paper for 3 more 3" x 6" cards left, or a ton of 3" x 3" cards.

You can't see it well in the pic, but I stamped thank you in white ink on the green part below the elephant.

it opens...

then opens again.

This is 4" x 5 1/2" and I folded the front of the card back in half and decorated it.

It opens to reveal the writing block.

I hope you have enjoyed changing from scrapbook to card making, or you can take the idea from a card and make a spread...maybe I'll do that in a later post.

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