Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fun with the Pretties Kit

Here are a few fun new ways to use the flowers in your pretties kit. Don't have one...check out my website:

The first is to color the flower with a marker. Use the brush-like end and color the whole flower, then add a center. It could just be a 1" circle, or you can add the brad for a more finished look. It does take a little while, so if you are making a lot of these flowers, check out the chalk technique.

Add the flower to a card.

The next technique is to use a sponge dauber and chalk. If you don't know what a sponge dauber is, it is the black thing on my finger with a sponge on the end. It can be used with ink or chalk. Dab the dauber into the chalk and rub it on the flower until covered with chalk. This is very quick and easy.

Add a center. It could be a 1" circle, button, brad, or combination of other items. Be creative.

Then add the flower to a simple card and it gives it a little pizzazz.

This next technique is one of my favorites! You turn the flower upside down on your versamark pad and push the flower all over until it is saturkeated with versamark ink. The place the flower in your powder pal (helps collect all of the embossing powder and you can easily pour it back into your embossing powder case). Genrously pour on iridecent ice embossing powder. Lift flower and tap off excess powder. Heat with heat tool until shimmery/glossy looking. Don't heat too long or flower smokes a little. Ask me how I know. Add a center and voila. A beautiful embellishment or can be added to a clippie for your girls hair. Just don't make the center out of paper if you add it to a clippie. It is too easy to ruin.

Add to a simple card and it looks amazing!

Last, but not least, stamp on the flower. Choose a background stamp such as the one below and ink it well, then stamp on the flower until it is covered. Add a center.

Add to a card, or a treat/gift box/bag.

I hope you try some or all of these techniques. They are super fun and versatile and all the while they look amazing.

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Debbie said...

Awesome! I can't wait to try this with my pretties kit!