Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pillowcase Shirts/Dresses

I found a tutorial HERE. I loved them so much I made 5 for each of the girls...matching of course. Money is a little tight so they generally only get matching clothing for pictures or if I make them. Here is one of the outfits:

These are SO adorable! I ended up having their 4/6 year old pics taken in them. I also made Cooper a matching bowtie (out of the red/white polka dot fabric) and had kid pictures taken as well.

I love that these are SUPER easy and quick to make. After the first one (where you make all of your mistakes) they go together nicely. I can make 2 in about 1 1/2 -2 hours from start to finish.

I also made the leggings. I used a pair of Old Navy leggings that Kazia had in her closet, turned them inside out, traced them the best I could onto tissue paper and voila, a pattern. This way I could make 4 sets of leggings to match each of the shirts/dresses I made.

Some of them are shorter (shirt length), mid thigh, and to the knee. This way they're all a little different (besides the pattern on the material). You do not have to add the coordinating piece at the bottom, but I think it's WAY cuter with a chunky hemline.

All of my shirts/dresses were made from fat quarters. To add length I made the coordinating fabric wider, to shorten I took a couple inches off the length of the fat quarter but still added the coordinating fabric at the bottom. For the ties, you can use a piece of coordinating fabric, bias tape, or ribbon. I have a large selection of ribbon so it was easy to find ribbon to go with everything I made. The girls love to jump...twirl....

and model these outfits.

They're very cozy and let them move however their heart desires.

Watch for upcoming pictures of the other 4 shirts/dresses I made!

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