Sunday, March 27, 2011

DVD Emergency Kits (on the go)

I found this idea on one of my Stampin' Up! leaders website, Amy Johnson. I thought it was so cute I had to make some for my boutique and of course to put in the glovebox of our van so it is on hand everywhere we go. Supplies: DVD cases (clear, sold in sets of 4 by Stampin' Up!) Designer Series Paper 6" x 8" Cello (cut down to 4" x 8" to contain the medicines) Whisper White cardstock (to print the contact list on) Sticky Strip to hold the contact list on and the cello bag. Embellish as desired Medicine Contents: Band-Aids, DayQuil, NyQuil, Benedryl, Advil Sinus, Trident gum, Copy of the medicine labels (I cut them off the boxes and laid them out so I could get them all on one sheet). I would have put Tylenol in them but could not find them ANYWHERE sold in individually in packets. The smallest I could find were in little round tubes that were too fat for the DVD cases. Everything else you can get from any drug store, pharmacy, WalMart, etc.
I made a large variety to choose from. These little kits are great for purses and gloveboxes to take on the go and the case protects all of the contents and keeps them all in one place so you're not searching for something that will work. Something else you could add to these are the individual packets of sanitizer wipes that are great for clean hands, or cleaning a small wound before applying a band-aid.

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