Sunday, October 17, 2010

How to Fix Feety Jammies

  • feety jammies with holes in the feet
  • tissue paper (pattern)
  • pen/marker
  • scissors
  • fleece (any color will do...I used some left overs I had stashed away)
  • pins
  • sewing maching/serger
First you'll turn the jammies inside out and flatten out the feet. Trace the bottom of one of the feet onto the tissue paper with a marker/pen then cut it out.
Place new foot pattern onto fleece. I doubled up the fleece so I only had to cut the pattern out once.
Here is what you have:
Next you'll pin the two fleece feet onto the bottom of the jammies.
Then sew the fleece onto the jammies. I used a serger then did a straight stitch just inside the serged edge for added durability. If you don't have a serger just zig zag around the edge and then do a straight stitch just inside the zig zag.
Here it what it looks like from the bottom after it's been sewn.
Voila! Good as new...well, almost. There's now a lot more life to these jammies (and one other pair) since they still fit and they're super soft and comfy to wear...or so I'm told. :)

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Debbie said...

You are so talented. I never would have thought of this!