Monday, May 3, 2010

Rag Skirts

I got the idea from one of the ladies in my Stampin' Up! line. It was so cute I had to run to the fabric store and make 2 myself. The girls helped pick out the fabric. I chose to do 15 squares wide because I used 5 colors and I wanted to have the skirt run continuously all the way around. If you aren't as OCD about that stuff as me you can choose however many you'd like depending on the size you're making. I used the Sizzix Big Shot and Scallop Square Die both available to purchase through me from Stampin' Up!

1. Cut out 45 squares for the front and 45 for the back to line the skirt (size Toddler 3-5). I used white fabric to line the skirts.
2. Lay out the squares and make a pattern. Then I copied it for the second skirt.
3. Pin the rows together so they are ready to sew.4. Sew the squares together forming rows, then sew the rows together so that all squares are sewn in the pattern you layed them out in. Make sure you sew lining sides together and pattern sides on the outside.
5. Cut 2 strips for the bottom hem and the waist band. Cut the fabric 3x the width of the waistband so there is room to fold in half and fold the edges under. Cut the bottom hem at 3" wide and do the same thing. I had to piece my waistband/hem together to make it long enough.

6. Sew the hem on first and trim it to fit the width of the skirt.
7. Fold the skirt in half and sew up the back seam, again, lining inside and pattern outside.
8. Attach waistband the same way but leave a hole to thread the elastic through. You must use a large safety pin to do this otherwise you'll spend a lot of time and be really frustrated...ask me how I know.
I just love how these turned out!
I just finished some shirts to go with these and I'll post pics of those and the matching flowers in the next day or two. I think I'll have their pics taken in these. Doesn't Jade look so much like Kazia with her hair straightened...and so grown up!

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Kasia said...

they turned out so cute. I love the 3 layer ones. I am glad my tutorial helped! Are these your girls? We almost have the same name, how fun. is it pronounced the same?